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Tecumseh (1995) Western Full Movie

( High Definition )

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Tecumseh (1995) Western Full Movie

Genre: Western Movie

Director: Director: Hans Kratzert Writers: Wolfgang Ebeling (scenario), Rolf Römer Stars: Gojko Mitic, Annekathrin Bürger, Rolf Römer

Cast: Toward the start of the nineteenth century, white pioneers routinely make and break arrangements with the Native American occupants to pick up ownership of immense chasing grounds at outrageously low costs with no carnage. Harrison, Governor of Indiana, has made and broke no under fifteen such arrangements, driving expanding quantities of Indians out to the barren West. To put a stop to this criminal practice, the Shawnee Chief Tecumseh tries to join the Native Americans. In 1811, he establishes a tribal collusion and has Native American terrains proclaimed mutual property. Boss who offer their territory despite this assention are to be executed. Amid the central's nonappearance, in any case, Harrison attacks the "hallowed city" of Tippecanoe established by Tecumseh and his supporters, lessening it to powder. The couple of survivors of the bloodbath escape to Canada, where they unite with the English as they take up arms against America. However, they, as well, neglect to stay faithful to their obligation to Tecumseh concerning an autonomous Indian state. In an unequivocal fight, the vanquished English deceive and relinquish their Native American partners. Together with alternate individuals from his tribe, Tecumseh is executed as well.

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